About Us

Hermo Pharma Ltd. is a biopharmaceutical company which aims to discover and develop cutting-edge therapeutic approaches for currently untreatable medical needs, particularly in the field of neurology. The company’s R&D programs are based on scientifically innovative concepts. These concepts are being developed through preclinical and early clinical development phases with the aim gaining partners prior to late clinical development phases and finally marketing.

The company was founded in 2008 by professors Mart Saarma, Eero Castrén, Heikki Rauvala and Dr. Henri Huttunen. The company operates in close collaboration with several academic laboratories affiliated with the University of Helsinki.

Hermo Pharma Ltd. operates according to the ‘virtual business model’. This means the company outsources the majority of business functions outside of its core business areas, while controlling the key technology assets and strategic partnerships with a small but highly capable group of people managing operations. As the company’s overheads are kept lower than traditional biopharmaceutical companies much more of its financial resources can be utilised directly to achieve business goals.

Hermo Pharma Ltd. is a privately owned, venture capital backed company. Our current investors include Helsinki University Funds and Seed Fund Vera Ltd.

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